• Deca Wine Reserva Old Vines 2011
  • Deca Wine Reserva Old Vines 2011
  • Deca Wine Reserva Old Vines 2011
  • Deca Wine Reserva Old Vines 2011

D’Eça Reserva 2011

(Old Vines) Douro DOC

Viticulture and Climate: Precipitation observed during the winter was slightly above normal, highlighting the contribution of December. In Spring the values were below average. From late spring until early Autumn, the weather was dry, but there was occasional but opportune rain in August and September. In April and May, air temperature values were far above average. Were recorded three heat waves, one in April and two in May. The Summer was cooler; however there were few days of great heat. In this context the ripening conditions were good, with 10 to 15 days of season advance. Across the region there were favorable conditions for the development of some vineyard diseases, including powdery mildew, downy mildew, which had no impact on the estate, due to rigorous work and eco-friendly cultivation practices. The handpicked harvest started on September 13th. First we harvested Touriga Nacional and only after Tinta Roriz. We finished it on October 6th 2011 with Tinto Cão, our variety with the longer cycle. These grapes were from old vines, guarantee of additional balance and elegance.

Production per Hectare:
Tinta Roriz: 6.500 Kg/ha
Touriga Nacional: 4.950 Kg/ha Tinto Cão: 3.416 Kg/ha

Fermentation and Aging: The fermentation was conducted in stainless steel vats, with controlled temperature. Pre-fermentative maceration was made. The malolactic fermentation was already partially carried in new barrels and with 2 and 3 years of French and American oak, where it continued aging for a period of 9 months. The final product has a composition of 50% Touriga Nacional, 30% Tinta Cão and 20% Tinta Roriz.

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Douro DOC

D'Eca Reserva 2011 Old Vines