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Quinta da N.ª S.ª do Loreto

Quinta Nossa Senhora do Loreto – The estate – Quinta Nossa Senhora do Loreto is situated in Vila de Sabrosa in Douro Valley Wine Region, a region classified by UNESCO in 2001 a World Heritage Site in the cultural landscape category.
Since 1987, the current producer and owner has associated the Douro’s tradition of winemaking to new winegrowing techniques on the nine hectares which make up the farm.

A long viticulture tradition with one hundred indigenous vines has produced a landscape of exceptional cultural beauty that reflects its technological, social and economic evolution.

While maintaining tradition, the producer has been uniting the old vines, over 25 years old, with selected clones of new plants of indigenous varieties, distinguishing the production as eco-friendly.

D’Eça wines are produced according to Sustainable Winegrowing Practices with grapes discernibly selected exclusively from the Quinta Nossa Senhora do Loreto.

The Region

Sabrosa, Portugal

The Douro is a spectacular region. Wild but beautiful, all is taken into account in the confrontation between Man and Nature in the domination of the steep incline and in the adaptation to a climate harsh, hot and dry. It is not by chance that the soil of the Douro, that shale made arable land, is generally “anthroposoils”- a metamorphosis of soil by human action by terracing, essential to guarantee a good conservation of the land by roots and to take the maximum advantage of water.

The region is distinguished by its serpentine river, the Douro, growing around the various tributaries. One of these tributaries gives its name to two of the three sub regions of the Region Demarcated the Douro, the most ancient regulated region of the world (1756): Baixo Corgo, Cima Corgo e Douro Superior.

The region of Sabrosa, in the middle of Cima Corgo, where the Quinta Nossa Senhora do Loreto is located, is a very special region. With an average altitude of 500 meters above sea level and a greater precipitation in comparison with Douro Superior, it can produce more elegant fresh wines in which all of the components of the grape can mature at the same time, generating wines that reflect the balance that we seek.

The Team

João Almeida D´Eça Producer

João Almeida D’Eça

Attorney by vocation, a wine grower and wine producer for love, he adopted the Douro as his land, where, through the Quinta de Nossa Senhora do Loreto he wishes to leave his mark and with his wine the memory of the producer, the land and the people. Lifting up the environment and natural processes as partners of production, he favors non aggressive techniques, rigor and precision, as in the mechanism of a fine watch, in order to produce, by a comprehensive process, a natural and distinctive wine.

Daniel Fraga Gomes Oenologist

Daniel Fraga Gomes

Agricultural Engineer, educated at UTAD, he worked in some of the principal wine regions of the country- Alentejo, Dão, Bairrada, Douro- always connected to the science of growing grape vines (viticulture) and the science of wine making (oenology). His philosophy in the creation of wines is based on the respect and interpretation of the best expression of the land, the terroir, sought after with rigor and perfect balance.

Emanuel Amaral Gardener

Emanuel Amaral

Born in the Douro region he is a son of the Douro and a keeper of the secrets of the land. In a dedicated and attentive manner he maintains his “garden” guaranteeing that the grapes arrive at the wine cellar in perfect condition.