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Quinta Nossa Senhora do Loreto – The
estate – Quinta Nossa Senhora do Loreto
is situated in Vila de Sabrosa in Douro
Valley Wine Region, a region classifed by
UNESCO in 2001 a World Heritage Site in
the cultural landscape category.
Since 1987, the current producer and
owner has associated the Douro’s
tradition of winemaking to new
winegrowing techniques on the nine
hectares which make up the farm.
A long viticulture tradition with one
hundred indigenous vines has produced a
landscape of exceptional cultural beauty
that refects its technological, social and
economic evolution.
While maintaining tradition, the
producer has been uniting the old vines,
over 25 years old, with selected clones
of new plants of indigenous varieties,
distinguishing the production as eco-
D’Eça wines are produced according to
Sustainable Winegrowing Practices with
grapes discernibly selected exclusively
from the Quinta Nossa Senhora do Loreto.