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Viticulture and Climate:
Precipitation observed during thewinter
was slightly above normal, highlighting
the contribution of December. In Spring
the values were belowaverage. From late
spring until early Autumn, theweather was
dry, but therewas occasional but opportune
rain in August and September. In April
andMay, air temperature values were far
above average. Were recorded three heat
waves, one in April and two inMay. The
Summer was cooler; however therewere
fewdays of great heat. In this context the
ripening conditions were good, with 10
to 15 days of season advance. Across the
region therewere favorable conditions for
the development of some vineyard diseases,
including powderymildew, downymildew,
which had no impact on the estate, due to
rigorous work and eco-friendly cultivation
Handpicked harvest started on August
30thwith Tinta Roriz and completed
on September 23rd 2011 with Touriga
Nacional, both fromvineyards with new
selected clones, ensuring the exclusion of any
bunch that hadn’t the required quality.
Production per Hectare:
Tinta Roriz: 4.100 Kg/ha
Touriga Nacional: 3.245 Kg/ha
Fermentation and Aging:
The fermentation was conducted in
stainless steel vats, with controlled
temperature. Pre-fermentative
maceration was made. The malolactic
fermentation was already partially
carried in new barrels and with 2 and
3 years of French and American oak,
where it continued aging for a period
of 9 months. The fnal product has a
composition of 70% Touriga Nacional
and 30% Tinta Roriz.
Bottling and Tasting Notes
Bottled September 2012
: Garnet
: Red berry fruits, foral nuances
from Touriga Nacional and discrete
new oak.
: Fruity, structured, in total
accordance with the nose. Good
persistent fnish.
: 14,36%
Total Acidity
: 5,14 gr/l
Volatile Acidity
: 0,6 gr/l
: 3,91
Dry Extract
: 31,7 gr/l
Temperature for Serving
: 18 – 20ºC |
Best if decanted
: Roasts, red meat,
traditional portuguese food
Bottles produced
: 3.800
João Carlos Moura Coutinho
Almeida D’Eça de Sousa
Daniel Fraga Gomes